Legal Information

1. Privacy Policy. LatAmConnect will NOT collect any personal information about you unless you choose to provide us with such information (such as in the form of a proposal request, cost-planning estimate request, by emailing us, by contacting us, etc.). If you do provide us with personal information, however, your information will be used internally by us to initiate sales overtures. If we cannot service your project, however, we may also share your information with or refer you to our exclusive network of third party web design and development companies. We may receive a commission for such referral. However, Client is not obligated in any manner to enter into a contract with any such third party web design companies. Upon providing Client information, such third party web design companies may contact Client directly, or we may help broker a contract between Client and a third party web design company. As a broker, we will not have any authority to bind Client or such third party web design company. Client and such third party web design company will only have the power and authority to offer or accept any contract terms. We will not be acting as anyone’s agent, and our role will be to only facilitate discussion and negotiation of contract terms between Client and such third party web design companies. Should Client enter into a contract with a third party web design company, all web design and development services will come solely from the third party web design company, and not from us. Alternatively, should we service Client’s project and should Client choose to hire us, we may share Client’s information with certain third parties in the course of providing services (such as domain name registration, Internet marketing campaigns, web hosting, etc.) As with most Web servers on the internet, certain information is automatically collected and recorded. This includes, but is not limited to: Client’s IP address (and hostname if available), the date and time Client accessed our website and the type of browser and operating system Client uses. These are stored in a “log” file, which are private and the contents of which will not be released to a third party without Client’s explicit consent. We also use cookies that are inserted by Google to track conversion tracking. These cookies are inserted when someone clicks on Google advertisements however, this will not happen in any other cases. This information will be Client’s data only and will not be shared with any other parties.

2. Copyrights. All text, designs, and imagery on this website: are copyright LatAm Connect Series. Any components of this website may not be written, transmitted, or reproduced without the express written consent of LatAmConnect.

3. Trademarks. The name and logo, LatAmConnect, is a trademark of LatAm Connect Series.

4. Office Hours. LatAmConnect is available during standard business hours (non-holidays) Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PST). We do not provide support or consulting outside of our normal office hours unless under special circumstances previously agreed upon in a Project Agreement.